Fiction Excerpts

A driver in the right lane blared his horn. Bill cranked the wheel to the right. The Honda fishtailed, glancing off the right guardrail. When it stopped sliding, their car straddled two lanes.  Hayley saw herself scream in her mind’s eye, but nothing came out.Preparing for Disaster, Writer's Bone
Shouting and heavy footfalls behind her . . . An arm bangs against her side, almost tipping her off balance. She lets out a little shriek, but the man doesn’t say ‘sorry’ or ‘excuse me.’ He just keeps running, flashing a bare butt where his shorts ought to be.The Circular Nature of Lakes, Amarillo Bay
The squirrels are probably up there now, preparing the nursery. She knows where they nest because the ceiling is slightly bowed at that spot. Jen keeps telling her to get the thing fixed. ‘You don’t want squirrel nests falling on you, do you?’ she says. Maggie imagines pink, hairless squirrel babies hitting the floor in blind surprise.Creature Comforts, Amarillo Bay
The mere fact of her body in that small plane, hanging on air, seemed to break all the rules. But then flying made anything feel possible. Soaring over rooftops, fenced yards, roads and trees, the world appeared frameless and free, an open, cohesive place.Boundaries, Eclectica

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Photo by Bob Bock